Fully Automated ETL from MongoDB to RDBMS

MongoSluice can turn your MongoDB collections into tidy SQL-ready tables without any manual labor. It’s automated ETL. It Just Works.

Gets the Full Schema (We Don't Sample)

MongoSluice creates a full, deep schema of all your data in MongoDB. We don’t sample.

We Stream from MongoDB to Your Target RDBMS

We don’t land to disk. It’s a waste of time. Data goes from MongoDB to your target. We batch ’em so there’s never a bottleneck.

You Get Strongly-Typed Data

Your data comes over nice and tidy. All the primary/foreign key relationships are intact.

We Crush Nested Arrays

We deal with nested nastiness. Yup, embedded arrays. You don’t need to tell MongoSluice anything.

Filter MongoDB If You Want

Save time. Paste your MongoDB snippet into MongoSluice and you’ll stream only what you need.

Works With Most RDBMS

Compatible with all RDBMS systems with JDBC drivers, this includes MySQL, SQL Server, Vertica, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Netezza, and Postgres and more.


Works With…

Works With MySQL

Works With SQL Server

Works With Postgres

Works With Oracle

Works With SQLite

And other RDBMS

Works With Vertica

News and Blog

Converting Nested MongoDB/BSON/JSON to MySQL/RDBMS

The Source: Business Service Providers It is an impressive feat for MongoSluice to be able to produce multiple tables that are linked together by foreign and primary keys.  But can MongoSluice perform the same when data begins to get more complex?  The answer is YES! ...

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How To Easily Move Data from MongoDB to MySQL

The Source: Movie Data Since 1951 Movies are cool, but this dataset was nasty: arrays, nested documents, and lots of different fields.  Normally, this would be a nightmare to do any useful SQL type analysis on.  However, MongoSluice bridges the gap by pushing it to...

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MongoSluice to Participate in Phorum Philly 2015

We are proud to announce that our incubating company MongoSluice, will be included in this year’s Phorum Philly event. MongoSluice streams MongoDB to any RDBMS. Simply point MongoSluice to a MongoDB collection and any RDBMS data store and hit enter: watch data stream...

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