The Product

MongoSluice’s patent-pending data synchronization engine can stream any MongoDB document collection into a corresponding RDBMS datastore.
Its cross-platform, needs nothing special, and allows traditional SQL-based toolsets and resources to work on unstructured data.

Gets the Schema, No Sampling

MongoSluice creates a full, deep schema. We don’t sample. We check every document. All of ’em. Every field, everywhere. 

We Stream.

We don’t land to disk. It’s a waste of time. Data goes from MongoDB to your target. We batch ’em so there’s never a bottleneck. 

You Get Strongly-Typed Data

Your data comes over nice and tidy. All the primary/foreign keys are intact. 

We Crush Nested Arrays

We deal with nested nastiness. Yup, embedded arrays.

Filter MongoDB

Save time. Paste your MongoDB snippet into MongoSluice and you’ll stream only what you need.

Works With Most RDBMS

Compatible with all RDBMS systems with JDBC drivers, this includes MySQL, HP Vertica, MariaDB, Oracle, SQL Server, Netezza, and Postgres


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