Test Run Using MovieDetails

Introduction Before troubleshooting your own data, it is highly recommended to try a test dataset first.  This article is written for you to practice getting comfortable using MongoSluice.  This article assume a prerequisite of first having read the Get Started guide...

Get Started

Overview Getting MongoSluice up and running is very simple.  It is best recommended that MongoSluice is run on its own machine, but it will work well on a Mongo machine or SQL machine as well.  Here is a brief overview of the steps that must be taken in order to make...

RDBMS Requirements

You have to have one of the following as a target database. We will continue to add more. MySQL SQL Server Oracle Postgres Vertica SQLite

MongoDB Requirements

MongoSluice supports MongoDB 3.0 and later. MongoSluice requires read/write access to MongoDB (in executes Map Reduce functions). It is NOT advised to run MongoSluice in a production environment.