–varcharPaddingSize <value> If resizeColumnStrings is set to true, varcharPaddingSize will apply a padding length to a VARCHAR field.


Commit Size –commitSize <integer> Summary: Optional flag to put at the end of the MongoSluice command to control the number of documents persisted in memory before a database transaction is committed (the number of documents — or rows — in MongoDB in the...


–mongoFilter <value> mongoFilter applies filter to document collection streamed out of MongoDB. Format is the same as a command-line MongoDB filter.


–useCachedSchema <boolean> Optional parameter for using the existing schema on disk instead of interrogating MongoDB metadata. Value is true. Saved schema are saved to MongoSluice in the bin directory as jsonGraph_JobId(id number).json...


–resizeStringColumns <value> resizeStringColumns will convert any database columns of type TEXT to the appropriately sized VARCHAR.