ETL from MongoDB To MySQL That Gets Varying Data Types Right

by Dec 21, 2018Case Studies

The Problem: How To Migrate MongoDB When A Field Has A Few Different Data Types

There are a couple tools out there that try to solve the data migration or syncing between MongoDB and RDBMS. Only MongoSluice can handle that critical issue of varying data types.  MongoDB is great that it allows your data types to vary, but it sucks when you try to migrate it or map to other fields in dbs that require fixed schema.


We ran a dataset with restaurant info. The reviews field in MongoDB had 5, 5.5 and strings (i.e., “I Loved It”). When pushing these values to SQL, there’s no way to push three data types into one. So what happens? They fail!

MongoSluice Preserves MongoDB’s Data Types for A Single Field When It Streams To RDBMS

The only tool that clearly and correctly addresses this issue is MongoSluice.  Instead of assigning datatypes automatically, MongoSluice recognizes different datatypes that would have the same column header and creates a new column with the same name and appended number in order to address this issue.  Now, instead of having an error or forcing a conversion to one data type, you will have three columns that maintain their original data type in MongoDB and you can control whether or not those columns ought to be merged.

Take a look!

Preserve Data Types from MongoDB When You ETL to RDBMS



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