MongoDB Collections To Tables In Minutes

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Step 1: Point To A Collection

Just Point MongoSluice At the Collection You Want to “See” As Tables.

Step: Set Your Target Database

MongoSluice Works with MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Postgres, Oracle, Vertica and More.

Step 3: Run MongoSluice And Get Totally Accurate Schema and All Your Data

MongoSluice Doesn’t Deliver Flat Files. It Delivers Your Data AND All the Relationships.

Step 4: Do Whatever You Want With Your SQL-ized Data

MongoSluice Lets You Take Your MongoDB Data To Places That Require It To Be NOT In JSON/BSON — Like BI Tools.

Watch MongoSluice Create A Schema On the Fly from A MongoDB Collection and then Stream All the Data to MySQL


Is MongoSluice A SaaS Product?

No. It’s downloadable software you can run wherever you’d like it to run. 

Do I have to map fields?

No. MongoSluice interrogates every document in your collection and creates a fully accurate schema. It then streams all of your data to your target RDBMS. 

Am I losing data fidelity?

No. We move everything over and make sure all the relationships are valid. If there’s a conflicting data type for a field in MongoDB we create two columns in your RDBMS so you can make the call later. 

Can I reuse the schema you generate?

Yes. You can save the schema and reuse it. 

About MongoSluice

MongoSluice is the most complete solution for leveraging your data in MongoDB in BI application and other RDBMS systems.


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